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Key events

6th over: India 37-0 (Rohit 31, Gill 6) This is getting silly. Rohit rocks back to slap Nasum past point for four more. And then he defends the next five balls, because he can. (And because Nasum has started very accurately.)

“It may be as well, throughout this tournament, to keep an eye on the first ball of each over in particular, as there seems to be a bias towards a wicket or boundary in many of them,” says John Starbuck. “Statistically significant? Who can say…”

5th over: India 33-0 (Rohit 27, Gill 6) Rohit is in unreal form just now. He drives a length delivery from Shoriful over mid-off for four more, then tucks a single to move to 27 from 18 balls. His strike rate in this competition is 143; oh and he’s averaging 81.

4th over: India 28-0 (Rohit 22, Gill 6) An early bowling change for Bangladesh. The left-arm spinner Nasum Ahmed, who has replaced the injured Shakib Al Hasan in the team, comes on for Mustafizur.

His second ball skids on nicely to hit Gill on the pad, though it was missing leg stump. It’s a good start though, just two from the over.

3rd over: India 26-0 (Rohit 21, Gill 5) This is a poor start from Shoriful. He drops short twice in three balls to Rohit, who cuts for four and pulls for six. Rohit is off to another flyer, 21 from 13 balls.

2nd over: India 14-0 (Rohit 9, Gill 5) Another left-armer, Mustafizur Rahman, shares the new ball. His first ball curves into Shubman Gill, who times it beautifully through midwicket for four. The rest of the over is played respectfully.

1st over: India 8-0 (Rohit 8, Gill 0) Rohit Sharma’s last two innings have produced 217 runs off 147 deliveries, and apparently this is normal behaviour nowadays. He needs only two balls to find the boundary today, skimming a wide delivery from Shoriful through the covers; then he slaps another past the diving backward point. It was in the air but Inspector Gadget would have struggled to catch that.

An eventful first over concludes with a jaffa from Shoriful that beats Rohit on the inside as he tries to whip to leg. There is a bit of swing, and new-ball wickets are Bangladesh’s only hope.

Ready? The players are, most notably Rohit Sharma and Shoriful Islam. There’s no Taskin Ahmed tonight, which is a blow to those who flagged him as Bangladesh’s player to watch.

One out of two will do. Thanks Tom, hello everyone. Being a weirdo, I decided to look at when the first Spandex-tight finish occurred in all the other men’s ODI World Cups. In some it happened right at the start (in 1987 the first four games were all last-over thrillers, and even the fifth was a penultimate-over nipper, so could someone please send a DeLorean to Guardian Towers at their earliest convenience). In others (1979, 1983, 2011, 2015) it took more than 10 games for derrieres to squeak to the fullest. The slowest start to the competition was probably in 1983, when New Zealand beat England by two wickets in the 13th match of the competition.

This is the 17th match of the 2023 World Cup, and it’s not going to be close*. Right now India look a match for a Rest of the World XI, never mind an ailing, ageing Bangladesh. Hopefully the competition is saving all the thrillers for the business end.

* Guardian News and Media is not responsible for the potentially premature assumptions of its fuddled hacks.

Anyway, while Sky replays the most significant one-day cricket match of the 21st century, I’m going to hand you over to Rob Smyth, who comes armed with tremendous stats and a ready wit, to talk you through India’s probably routine run chase. But you never know. Thanks for your company and emails.

While we chew over what we’ve just seen, why not chew over what England need to do too, with Mark Ramprakash:

And this week’s Spin, on Afghanistan’s Mohammad Nabi, is also well worth your attention.

India need 257 to win

Bangladesh will be pleased to get over the 250 mark but it’s unlikely to be enough on a true surface that a side as good as India should be able to overhaul. Rohit Sharma’s side were again sharp and focused with the ball and in the field once their spinners had ended a fine opening Bangladesh partnership, even though the loss of Pandya is a blow. Najmul Hossain Shanto’s side needed more from their middle order though and with Miraz and Shanto plus the openers falling in relatively quick succession, Bangladesh struggled to cut loose again, though Mahmudullah did his best.

“Wicket looks very good, no turn, we just need to play simple cricket,” is Ravindra Jadeja’s snap verdict on coming off the field. And I’m sure they will.

Busted: They’ll be looking forward to the run chase. Photograph: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC/Getty Images

50th over: Bangladesh 256-8 (Mustafizur 1, Shoriful 7). An eventful, skillful, fun denouement to the innings Bumrah begins the final over with an un-hittable inswinging yorker, which Rohit reviews for lbw – his first of the innings I think – but the replays show a clear inside edge. The second is even more unplayable, and Mahmudullah’s stumps are all messed up, ending a very useful knock. A tennis-smash of a shot from Mustafizur gets Bangladesh to 250 off a short ball. Good, improv-cricket all round really. But not as good as Shoriful’s last shot of the innings – an extraordinary, bold SIX over extra cover. India need 257 to win

Wicket! Mahmudullah b Bumrah 46,Bangladesh 248-8

Brilliant. Just brilliant, from a master of his art. Bumrah castles Mahmudullah with a spearing yorker.

Clean bowled: Bangladesh's Mahmudullah Riyad is bowled out by India's Jasprit Bumrah.
Clean bowled: Bangladesh’s Mahmudullah Riyad is bowled out by India’s Jasprit Bumrah. Photograph: Rafiq Maqbool/AP

49th over: Bangladesh 248-7 ( Mahmudullah 47, Mustafizur 0). Mahmudullah inflicts some damage onSiraj’s final figures in a muc-needed productive Bangladesh over. Siraj is inelegantly hoisted towards long-off for two by Mahmudullah, not quite finding his timing on this occasion before a decent sprawling stop from the bowler cuts off the batter’s attempted across-the-line swipe. He finds his timing alright next ball though – it’s hammered over wide long-on for a wonderful SIX. Suitably hit off course, Siraj sends down a howling wide outside off. A low attempted yorker is steered wide on the off for one. Mustafizur declines a single off the last ball of the over, granting Mahmudullah the strike for the last over.

48th over: Bangladesh 238-7 ( Mahmudullah 37, Mustafizur 0). As expected, Bumrah changes ends and dangles a slower ball outside Mahmudullah’s off-stump. He misses. He doesn’t miss the next one though, carving it artfully back of square on the offside for four. He’s played well here, showing his class and experience. Then he digs out a yorker and scurries through for a single. Five off a Bumrah over full of characteristic variety and challenge feels like an accomplishment of sorts, even at this stage.

47th over: Bangladesh 233-7 ( Mahmudullah 32, Mustafizur 0). Nasum shows his potential with an utterly glorious straight drive for four off Siraj, who curiously replaces Bumrah at that end (perhaps they’ll bring him on from the other one). The No 8 is trying to go big now, slogging and getting nowhere near a short ball on a good line. A clearer, cleaner shot – a smack through extra cover – pierces the gaps for four more. But then he goes, caught behind, ending a cameo that ideally needed to last an over or two more.

Wicket! Nasum c Rahul b Siraj 14, Bangladesh 233-7

Nasum slogs outside off, gets a faint edge, Rahul gathers and up goes the finger.

Nasum Ahmed of Bangladesh makes their way off after being dismissed.
Nasum Ahmed of Bangladesh makes their way off after being dismissed. Photograph: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC/Getty Images

46th over: Bangladesh 225-6 ( Mahmudullah 32, Nasum 6). Better for the batting side. Bangladesh know they have to run everything with boundaries being so hard to come by. A single off Thakur is followed by a hard-run two for Mahmudullah, who then punishes a rare bad ball by clipping a wide ball backward of square on the legside for four. And then he goes two better by clobbering Thakur high over deep midwicket for SIX. A crisp drive brings a single and Nasum hacks another one. Fifteen off the over.

45th over: Bangladesh 210-6 ( Mahmudullah 19, Nasum 4). India just haven’t loosened their grip here, which forces Nasum to go for a chancey single off Bumrah. If they hit he’s gone, but they don’t. Bumrah continues to extract pace from the pitch masterfully, as Nasum slices down to third man for a single. A well-run two completes the over.

“Minimum 280 I reckon to give Bangladesh a sniff,” pipedreams Simon McMahon, “so this pair need to make hay while the sun shines. In other weather related news, the amber warning of rain for east Scotland has now been upgraded to red by the met office. No longer biblical but apocalyptic, to use the official terminology.”

44th over: Bangladesh 205-6 ( Mahmudullah 16, Nasum 2). Kuldeep returns for his last over, and offers the left-handed Nasum nada until he manages to force the fourth ball of the over down the ground for a single. Mahmudullah cuts for another one. Four from the over, all told. Yadav ends with 1-47 from his 10.

43rd over: Bangladesh 201-6 ( Mahmudullah 14, Nasum 0). Bumrah is back to bowl through, if he’s needed to. A couple of singles ensue before a brilliant Jadeja catch ends the partnership and cuts off Mushfiqur. The left-handed Nasum is greeted with some chin music, whistling past him outside off. He then faces a strong appeal for caught behind off Bumrah’s outswinger but Rohit declines a review. It looks lke there was daylight.

“It is match #17 and no match even reached 99 overs,” continues Krishnamoorthy, “98.2 overs remain the top so far, on two occasions. And not many have been high-scoring either. This rather has a 1983 WC feels.” But just longer, and with no West Indies in the final.

Wicket! Mushfiqur c Jadeja b Bumrah 38

A great bowler snares a fine batter courtesy of an excellent fielder, Jadeja catching Mushfiqur’s sharp square cut on the stretch. Brilliant.

hats off to the man: India’s Ravindra Jadeja celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim off the bowling of Jasprit Bumrah.
Hats off to the man: India’s Ravindra Jadeja celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim off the bowling of Jasprit Bumrah. Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters
India’s Ravindra Jadeja celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim off the bowling of Jasprit Bumrah.
It’s really him. Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters

42nd over: Bangladesh 199-5 ( Mushfiqur 37, Mahmudullah 13). Jadeja’s final over is canny and frugal, yielding a single only, as he finishes with solid figures of 2-39.

41st over: Bangladesh 198-5 ( Mushfiqur 36, Mahmudullah 13). India take the option of putting an extra fielder out for the final 10 overs, the first of which is bowled by Kuldeep. And he’s battered for a huge SIX by Mahmudullah, clobbering it way beyond deep midwicket. No extra fielder can get near that. An elegant square cut for one is followed by a nudged single to round off Bangladesh’s most fruitful over for a bit.

40th over: Bangladesh 189-5 ( Mushfiqur 34, Mahmudullah 6). Jadeja returns to the attack as Rohit continues to shuffle in the manner that has served him so well in this tournament as the batters deal in singles. I’d have put Mahmudullah above Hridoy in this batting order, for what it’s worth (which is nothing).

39th over: Bangladesh 186-5 ( Mushfiqur 32, Mahmudullah 7). Siraj continues, reliably, and these two batters can’t work away his accurate length bowling, until Mahmudullah shows his class with an effortless punch through the covers for four, every boundary precious now.

38th over: Bangladesh 181-5 ( Mushfiqur 31, Mahmudullah 1). The cameras taunt us with some beautiful sunset sea views while I stare out of my window at grey east London skies and ponder soup for lunch. Thakur returns and is pulled to deep square leg for one before Hridoy perishes with a mistimed slog. Mahmudullah is off the mark with a single as Bangladesh’s last recognised pair begin a partnership they need to last. It almost ends in its first over as Mahmudullah’s off-cut falls just short of Jadeja at gully. A very handy over from Thakur.

Wicket! Hridoy c Gill b Thakur 16

Hridoy never really got going, and he tries to take on Thakur but mistimes badly and dollies up an easy catch at midwicket for Gill

Out this time: Towhid Hridoy of Bangladesh walks after being dismissed.
Out this time: Towhid Hridoy of Bangladesh walks after being dismissed. Photograph: Matt Roberts-ICC/ICC/Getty Images

37th over: Bangladesh 178-4 (Hridoy 16, Mushfiqur 29). Siraj returns to the attack as Bangladesh continue largely to trade in singles – India have offered few freebies all afternoon, even when the openers were thriving. Siraj does then offer one – a wide from a gratuitous bouncer – before Hridoy tries to go big, hoicking towards long-on but it’s not timed and plugs in the outfield and they settle for two. Still, eight from the over constitues improvement.

36th over: Bangladesh 170-4 (Hridoy 12, Mushfiqur 26). A four! Mushfiqur’s exquisite square drive beats the man at deep backward point. He feels absolutely pivotal to the rest of the Bangladesh innings now. After another single, Hridoy is challenged by an excellent inswinging yorker but survives it. All the tools are coming out now – it’s the cutter next. Five from the over.

35th over: Bangladesh 165-4 (Hridoy 12, Mushfiqur 21). Kuldeep v Mushfiqur is a decent battle, the former mixing up his lines and pace to parsimonious effect. Five dots and a single isn’t much use. Bangladesh could do with a proficient slogger at this stage of the innings

34th over: Bangladesh 164-4 (Hridoy 12, Mushfiqur 20). He’s back! Bumrah’s the show, and he comes on for Jadeja at the other end from that he began. Mushfiqur nudges him neatly off his pads down to deep fine leg though, but is denied a four by a brilliant sprawling stop by Kuldeep. Hridoy then almost runs himself out, following up too far and encouraging Jadeja to attempt a direct hit. If he’d connected, Hridoy might have been in trouble, but he didn’t. Mushfiqur finishes a skittish over from Bangladesh’s perspective by almost playing on.

India's captain Rohit Sharma reacts to a close chance to run out Bangladesh's Towhid Hridoy.
India’s captain Rohit Sharma reacts to a close chance to run out Bangladesh’s Towhid Hridoy. Photograph: Rafiq Maqbool/AP

33rd over: Bangladesh 161-4 (Hridoy 12, Mushfiqur 17). Kuldeep, whose figures of 1-28 from six don’t do justice to his first spell, replaces Thakur. And he almost induces a senseless single from Mushfiqur first off, but his younger partner wisely sends him back. They take three singles, Kudeep getting plenty of revs on the ball, before Hridoy sweeps inconclusively for two.

32nd over: Bangladesh 156-4 (Hridoy 9, Mushfiqur 15). The first ball after drinks is hit for an out-of-the-blue SIX from Mushfiqur, swiping it high over deep square leg. A risk but perhaps one worth taking now. Other than that, it’s another good over from Jadeja, who’s bowled eight overs on the – ahem – spin now.

31st over: Bangladesh 149-4 (Hridoy 9, Mushfiqur 8). Hridoy pulls Thakur across the line for one, Mushfiqur pushes a single and Hridoy edges to gain one more. Then a bit of direct-hit-attempt showboating from Jadeja and then someone else who I couldn’t quite clock turns one into three as the batters run on the ricochets.

One thing that’s struck me about this World Cup so far has been the orthodoxy of most of the stroke-playing – not many ramps, scoops or reverses; in fact you get more of those in Tests these days.

Time for more drinks anyway.

30th over: Bangladesh 143-4 (Hridoy 7, Mushfiqur 4). Jadeja appeals for. lbw against Hridoy but there was a clear edge onto the pads, and then he tucks the batter up attempting to play a cut shot for which there was no room. The minor triumph of a well run two takes Mushfiqur to 1,000 World Cup runs. Well done him.

29th over: Bangladesh 140-4 (Hridoy 6, Mushfiqur 2). A lazy play and miss by Mushfiqur off Thakur’s first ball does not bode well. A couple of singles ensue as 300+ begins to disappear beyond the horizon, like the soon-to-be-setting sun in Pune.

“With 21 overs to go (I am counting Bumrah’s 6 as 2) a score of 220 looks realistic,” adds Krishnamoorthy. “… Which India will score in 30 overs. For those close matches – our wait continues.” I fear so.

28th over: Bangladesh 138-4 (Hridoy 5, Mushfiqur 1). The spinners have done a fine job just by bowling at the stumps, which induces the frustration that moves Das to hole out and end a fine innings. Jadeja has a second wicket – what a cricketer he is. Mushfiqur Rahim is off the mark with a paddle sweep for one, and he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders now.

Das c Gill b Jadeja 66, Bangladesh 137-4

Oh Litton Das! What have you done? Perhaps frustrated by being pinned back, he goes for the lofted off drive, doesn’t quite hit with the spin and it’s scooped up in the deep by Gill

India's Ravindra Jadeja celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Bangladesh's Litton Das.
India’s Ravindra Jadeja celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Bangladesh’s Litton Das. Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters

27th over: Bangladesh 136-3 (Das 66, Hridoy 4). Bangladesh do have batting to come – Rahim’s in form and Mahmudullah has the credentials (though it seems to me he’s been a bit too low in the order; any thoughts?). These two meanwhile are largely watchful against the returning Thakur, from the opposite end than that from which he received a bit of tap earlier, and take only three singles from the over.

25th over: Bangladesh 133-3 (Das 65, Hridoy 2). Jadeja’s fifth over is as accurate as his previous four mostly were, as Hridoy and Das nudge it about and try to steady themselves.

25th over: Bangladesh 131-3 (Das 64, Hridoy 1). The curse of praising Bangladesh strikes again, courtesy of a stunning catch by Rahul to see off Miraz. It presages a fine over as Siraj, the second-spell maestro with spring now in step, zips and moves it both ways. The crowd is as loud as it’s been thus far – louder even than for Kohli’s 0.3-over spell. At the halfway stage, India are now the happier.

Wicket! Miraz c Rahul b Siraj 3, Bangladesh 129-3

What a catch! Miraz tickles a back of a length legside delivery and Rahul behind the stumps grasps it brilliantly with his outstretched left hand. India moving into the ascendant.

KL Rahul celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Bangladesh's Mehidy Hasan Miraz off the bowling of Mohammed Siraj.
KL Rahul celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Bangladesh’s Mehidy Hasan Miraz off the bowling of Mohammed Siraj. Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters

24th over: Bangladesh 129-2 (Das 63, Miraz 3). A much-needed loosening of Bangladesh’s shackles: Das takes a risk with a lofted chip towards long-off, and it’s not far off being taken by Shubman Gill, who does well to stop the four. And than a boundary does finally come as Das hits not one but two in consecutive balls – a slogged straight drive and a controlled sweep to the vacant deep square leg area.

23rd over: Bangladesh 118-2 (Das 53, Miraz 2). With his spinners doing a great job and proving they might be needed later, Rohit opts to restore Siraj to the attack. Das flicks his first ball for a single. Miraz scuttles through for a leg-bye and Siraj then beats Mehedi with a sharp bouncer that he almost gloves behind, as the boundary drought initiated by the spinners continues with the quicks. Four from the over.

22nd over: Bangladesh 114-2 (Das 51, Miraz 1). Injury update: Pandya has gone for some scans on his left ankle. Back on the field, India are looking mustard in the field as Kohli essays a brilliant diving stop at short mid-off to deny Miraz a certain four. Excellent, tight over.

Talking of being a Jonah, I find myself convicted by the People’s Court of Mark Beadle: “A first fifty, you saying he’s played beautifully immediately followed by a drinks break, poor guy never stood a chance.”

21st over: Bangladesh 113-2 (Das 50, Miraz 1). These two batters need to rebuild a bit here, and both are capable, but Miraz almost coughs up a chance flicking a slower flighted ball in the air just past mid-on for one before Litton Das brings up a neat 50 with a flick through midwicket.

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